Who the hell am I?

Hi. I’m Leah. I’m a more or less normal person. Along with my husband, two tiny hoodlums cherubs , and a couple of noisy cats, I live in Georgia and do various normal-person things in the course of my normal-person life.

It’s nice, okay?

So why exactly are you sharing this?
Right, that’s boring, I know.

Once upon a time, and by “once upon a time” I mean “about two days ago,” I decided we should probably eat a plant-based meal or two each week for health reasons. So, naturally, or perhaps foolishly, I decided to look for recipes on some vegan sites. Naturally, I clicked on a few video links, one thing led to another, and I just can’t stomach buying factory-farmed animal products any more. And since I’m not made of money, that basically means buying no animal products at all. No meat, no milk, no eggs.

Well, what’re you going to do about it, huh?
Chucking out all the meat in the freezer and cheese in the fridge would be a first-class ticket to a family rebellion, so ditching all animal products in meals straight away isn’t in the cards. So instead I’m instituting a “no new animal products” rule. My plan as of right now is to start incorporating animal-free dinners a few times per week and gradually build up as we run out of our bulk-purchased stash of animal products. I’m planning to start with 2-3 vegan dinners this week, and add one each week until we’re fully transitioned.

So where are you now?
Well, since I just started this blog aboooooout (*checks watch*) ten minutes ago, I’m still in the “eager to get started” phase. I’ve got a pantry full of chickpeas and a heart full of enthusiasm. I’ll keep you posted.