Portobello Burgers with Crunchy Tofu Chips


Credit goes to my husband for this one, too. The shrooms were one of his impulse buys, so I decided to go ahead and make some burgers with them one night when the kids went to bed early. I fried up the tofu chips to add a crunchy, protein-y side dish.

The Verdict
The burgers? Excellent. A++, would totally make again. Somehow I’ve managed to make it to the venerable age of 30 without ever having a portobello burger, so I was surprised and impressed by how good they were. The texture was great, and they had a pleasant mild meaty flavor that was just right for carrying a full load of toppings.

As far as the tofu chips… Well, I was very entertained by the fact that all our protein was in the side dish (I’m easily amused like that), but unfortunately they left a bit to be desired. They were nice and crunchy, which was good, but they were also pretty flavorless. Next time I’ll make up some kind of BBQ powder to dust them with as soon as they come out of the oil, or maybe a fancy dipping sauce.

Recipes Used
Nothing fancy here, folks. I brushed the mushrooms with olive oil and dusted them with salt and pepper, then roasted them at 400 degrees for about fifteen minutes per side.

As for the tofu chips, I just sliced a block of baked tofu very thin and fried the pieces in vegetable oil until they were very brown.

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