Peanut Butter Tofu Ice Cream


So I like to experiment, right?


The other day I saw a reference to using tofu as an ice cream base. Intriguing, thought I! The Verdict
The reality? It was terrible.

Seriously, worst ice cream I’ve ever made. The flavor is okay as long as it stays frozen – very peanut-butter-y, as you might expect. If it starts to melt, though, it starts tasting like tofu, which is not really what I want in my ice cream. I guess I maybe should’ve expected that…

Even worse, though, is the texture. Just look at that picture. This stuff doesn’t even try to be scoopable. You have to break it into chunks with a knife. It’s hard and a little icy.

Basically, the only reason I’m not throwing this stuff away right now is that my husband can’t stand to see protein go to waste, so it’s just living in the freezer until he either eats it or forgets about it enough that I can chuck it in the garbage.

I can’t say I’ll never try tofu-based ice cream again, but I can for sure say I’ll be vetting recipes a little more carefully in the future.

Recipes Used
I’m not going to go into too much detail, since I strongly recommend against trying to replicate this. Basically, I melted some peanut butter with brown sugar and vanilla, then blended in a block of silken tofu. I whisked in some almond milk to thin it down a little, then chilled it and churned it in the ice cream maker for twenty minutes before sticking it in the freezer.

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