Week 5: Improvisation, man.

Last Week
We had a pretty busy week last week, so I wound up having quick improv dinners a few nights. Overall, I’d say this week was more successful food-wise than last week.

  • Sushi with avocado and sweet potato: How can you go wrong with sushi? It was awesome.
  • Chocolate ice cream with a peanut butter ripple: I used a basic Philadelphia-style recipe with coconut cream and soy milk, along with cocoa powder and dairy-free chocolate chips for flavoring. The ice cream part tasted just like a fudgesicle, in a really good way, but the peanut butter ripple came out too hard and messed up the texture.
  • Tofu chips: I needed some protein with the eggplant, so I fried some thinly-sliced Five Spice tofu in oil until it was brown on both sides. Very crunchy and nice.
  • Sichuan hot-and-sour eggplant: Best thing I’ve eaten in weeks.
  • Black bean tortas with avocado: Homemade refried black beans with some liquid smoke, served on grilled bolillo rolls with sliced avocado and hot sauce. Super tasty, super fast.
  • Tofu scramble: Glad I finally got around to trying this! It’ll be a nice option to have available for quick emergency dinners in the future.

Plan for Next Week
I’m responsible for my son’s preschool letter snack this week, I’m thinking of making a United States cake for letter U. That should be pretty tasty and popular. I’m also planning on doing peanut butter ice cream, because I can’t live without ice cream.

As far as meals go, though, it’s going to be a bit of a trial. I just had my wisdom teeth taken out yesterday, so I can’t have anything chewy or crunchy, or anything spicy. Right now, I’m thinking of a homemade tomato soup, some kind of not-too-spicy curry, a nice thick potato soup, and a creamy pasta of some sort. How’s that for vague?

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