My Very First Tofu Scramble


Last time I made tofu, it was pretty tasty, but it was also a bit of an ordeal. I froze it, thawed it, pressed the living fuck out of it, sliced it super thin, and dry-fried it in three batches. Came out absolutely great – nice chewy-crispy texture, very satisfying. But it also took over an hour, and that’s not even counting the prep time needed to freeze and thaw.

In order to make this a protein staple, I needed to find a quick, reliable way to cook this shit so it can be on the table in fifteen minutes before the peasants revolt. Fortunately, a few minutes of Googling told me that the venerable tofu scramble was exactly what I was looking for.

The Verdict
Great! This is going to be a staple. The tofu came together very quickly and easily, in pretty much exactly the same amount of time that it took to fry up some veggies in a separate pan to mix in with it. Along with some toast, it was an excellent breakfast-for-dinner sort of deal. Next time I’m going to roast some potatoes to have with it, too.

As for the family, big thumbs up. My son declared it to be eggs and ate it with much gusto. My husband requested that it be added to the weekend-breakfast rotation. My daughter ate several big handfuls and then smeared the rest on the table. Victory all around.

Recipes Used
I used this recipe from Fork and Beans for the tofu. Texture was perfect, but needed a little more seasoning for my tastes. In a separate pan, I cooked up a sliced onion, bell pepper, and two Field Roast chipotle sausages. Once everything was done, I dished up half the tofu plain for the kids since they don’t like spicy stuff or onions, and mixed the veggie-sausage mix with the rest of the tofu for me and my husband.

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