Week 3: Disaster Strikes

Last Week
So, last week didn’t go as planned. We got sick. Really, really sick. I mean, gastrointestinal illnesses, head colds, and ear infections, all at the same time. Things we ate:

  • Broccoli mushroom casserole: eh
  • Tacos with black beans and soy chorizo from Trader Joe: Pretty great. Topped with some avocado and fresh pico, these can totally stand the test of time.
  • Rice pudding: Best I’ve ever made, vegan or otherwise, no lie.
  • A lot of toast.

So that’s not great. But hey, let’s look at the other side, too. Things we did not eat:

  • Stuff with animals in it.

So I’m still calling the week a win.

Nothing of note this week. I did try some vegan cream cheese that I got at Trader Joe along with the soy chorizo, but it was pretty nasty, so that’s not a working replacement.

Plan for Next Week
First off, I’m going to make that damned coconut/caramel ice cream I mentioned last week. I’ve also got requests from the husband for sweet potato enchiladas and chicken-fried seitan, and I’m going to give white bean meatballs a try for the kids’ sake. Also on the agenda, TVP chili, a tofu scramble, hot-and-sour eggplant, and maybe some kind of BBQ tempeh if I get up the nerve.

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